Ford S-Max

The stylish FordS-MAX

Ford S-MAX has evolved. And it shows. The S-MAX – a flexible Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) with seven seats – is an exclusive combination of premium sports styling, enhanced dynamic ability and functional excellence. Step through the S-MAX range, right up to Titanium. The S-MAX empowers your life without compromise.


Ford kinetic Design

The dynamic and elegant styling captures our 'energy in motion' philosophy.


PowerShift transmission

S-MAX features the new PowerShift six-speed, double-clutch automatic transmission – making driving easier, more fuel efficient and just more.


Driving dynamics

Advanced suspension technologies provide superior driving dynamics and steering response.


Ford Fold Flat System (FFS)

Folding second-and third-row seats – providing up to 32 possible seating and stowage configurations.


Smart technology

Innovative technology gives you the kind of control and comfort you would expect from a sports coupé.


LED lighting technology

Used to great effect inside and out, this is lighting technology at its most eye catching.

Innovative engine technology

EcoBoost delivers more torque and power as well as lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Intelligent Protection System (IPS)

Ford S-MAX’s advanced IPS uses a range of sophisticated technologies to keep you protected, including an ultra-high strength.


Flexible interior

A wealth of versatile innovations make S-MAX ideal for work or play.


Safety features

Technology designed to make driving easier and safer, whatever the conditions.


Quality craftsmanship

The car’s interior boasts premium levels of craftsmanship with superior quality fabrics like the new Windsor leather and detailed.


Sony Digital Audio System

Enjoy a powerful, in-car audio experience, incorporating crystal clear DAB radio reception. The screen on the digital audio system can also display information on the programme you’re listening to, such as the plot summary of a radio play.

Shot of the Ford S-MAX
  • Download Brochure

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  • Ford EcoBoost SCTi engine

    Our class-leading range of turbo diesel engines is now joined in Ford S-MAX by the first of a new generation of high-efficiency Ford EcoBoost SCTi turbocharged petrol engines; these combine higher power and a broader spread of torque with reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption.

  • FordPower starter button

    You no longer need to insert the key into the ignition to start the car. You simply push the power button while holding the clutch down (or brake pedal on an automatic) and the engine fires into life. Also available with the Ford Key-Free System: the keyless entry system that lets you lock and unlock your car without taking your key out of your pocket or bag.

  • Adjustable Speed Limiting Device (ASLD)

    This new driver assistance system is included as part of cruise control. ASLD is designed to help drivers avoid exceeding driver-selected speeds unintentionally - for example, staying within legal speed limits during long road trips.